Videos About Our BagsHappy Clients
Working out on these bags compares to lifting weights!! I can dig into them and get a much better workout than a traditional bag! Awesome bags!

- Sean Kremer - Happy Client

Wow! This is not just an improvement to a product, this is a complete Paradigm Change I have to have one of these in my basement!!

- David – Professional MMA Fighter

It is like lifting weights when I hit these bags, I can really dig into them like a human body

- Gadielle – Amateur Boxer – New Era Fight Center

Working out on these bags, I can train the very next day. Normal heavy bags put too much wear and tear on my joints, so I have to wait an extra day to train again. I LOVE THESE BAGS!!

- John Herrera – BJJ Coach, Colorado Springs Brazilian Jiu Jitsu


    • Innovative new technology.


    • Materials made specifically for Ribcage Corporation.


    • Able to sustain longer cardio workouts for Boxers, MMA fighters and kickboxers as well as fitness enthusiasts.


    • Reduction in injuries. Lessens the injury causing trauma to hands, wrists and shoulder joints.


    • Get away from the compiled joint pain sustained from training on traditional heavy bags.


    • Forgiving but even performs better than traditional heavy bags.
      Stays right in front of you – Does not swing away any more than traditional bags.


    • Cornerstone for every gym, MMA, boxing or fitness gym.


  • For professional fighters as well as novice. Women, children, young and old – For every demographic.